"This is a screencap from Camp Solelim's website. I was a camper for two years, and I learned so much during my time there. I sang and danced, I portaged a canoe by myself and felt the possibilities of my power in the world, I established the foundations of my leadership.

This picture demonstrates the tone of all of the education about Israel I received, both at camp and in my synagogue's Hebrew school. I was expected to love and need a place I didn't know. We talked about Israeli food and never about appropriation. We sang songs in Hebrew we didn't understand. We were asked to raise money for projects that seemed so innocuous and universally good--isn't it always a good thing to plant a tree??--that I now know are a tool used to displace Palestinians.

When I look back on how I was educated about Israel, I feel lied to and manipulated. My hope for people who are younger than me, who we are currently educating in our Jewish community, is that they don't have to feel this way. They can be powerful forces in their own education, and we can promise to offer an education that opens their minds instead of expecting them to fall in line. " -Gillian Goldberg, Camp Shalom & Camp Solelim, Canada

Young JudaeaSophie Trauberman