i never heard a single word about the occupation

"I participated in Camp Newman's social justice-focused Hevrah session both years I was eligible. It was absolutely a formative experience for me as a Jew and as an activist. I loved learning about all the different ways to influence the public and create change, through art, music, op-eds, meeting with legislators, petitions, PSAs, and so much more. Yet throughout the two summers I was in that program, despite all I learned about how we are called as Jews to repair the world and stand up for those who have no one to stand up for them, I never heard a single word about the occupation. You taught me that to be Jewish is to stand up for justice, and that to stand up for justice is to celebrate my Judaism -- but never told me about the grave injustices being perpetrated in my name." -Shaina, URJ Camp

URJSophie Trauberman