4,000 years in 4 months

"You took me to Israel and showed me the beauty of the country. You took me to Europe and showed me the pain of the Holocaust, then brought me back to Israel as though it was the solution to the problem. You emotionally manipulated me into believing that Israel was the moral and ethical superior to all other nations. And you did this all in Spring of 2001, amidst a massive uptick in violence. You vilified Palestinians and made me think car bombs were just unprovoked violence against Jews. You taught me a biased history--4,000 years in 4 months you called it--that told only one narrative, a small country fighting against its Arab neighbors, with no wrong ever being perpetuated by 'our side.'" -Emilia Diamant, NFTY-NE, EIE High School in Israel, Kutz Camp Alumna

NFTY, EIE, URJSophie Trauberman