exploring allowed me to see flashes of palestinian experience

"These are several photos from my NFTY in Israel trip. A checkpoint, taken through a tour bus window. Unlike other individuals in line, those of us on this bus were not inspected. Soldiers at the Golan Heights. At Mount Avital, Golan Heights. Part of my NFTY in Israel group, at Har Herzl. 

The NFTY in Israel trip may have been designed to cement unwavering support for Israel at any cost. But for me, it was when I started fully questioning everything. The last photo was taken in Jaffa, during one of the rare moments we were allowed to wander on our own. The exploring allowed me to see flashes of Palestinian experience. It made me start to see legitimacy on the "other side." -Hallie, URJ camp, NFTY

NFTY, URJSophie Trauberman