the grave injustice being committed in our name

"I went on the Detroit Teen Mission to Israel as part of my College Senior thesis research. After going on birthright a few years earlier I felt really weird, but no one was talking about Israel or Palestine on campus. Growing up the Occupation had been completely hidden from me, and during college it was never a topic I was confronted with. So I decided to research and write about youth and young adult trips to Israel. Being an anthropology major I was reading a lot about diaspora for my thesis, but what I witnessed in 2014 on the Detroit Teen Mission to Israel was beyond anything I could have learned from academic theory. Violence erupted while we were there and I saw leaders of my community completely hide Operation Protective Edge from the teen participants on the trip. They wouldn't let any of the staff talk about what was going on. Death tolls were rising and all they could focus on was growing an unwavering support and love for Israel among these teens. At this point in my life I was just beginning to understand the horrors of the Occupation, I still didn't have all the facts, but I actively saw my community hide the grave injustice being committed in our name. That was enough for me--I knew then that I had to do something." -Rachel Leider, BBYO, Detroit Teen Mission to Israel 2014