i had no idea that i might be over the green line

"Like many other Jewish children, I grew up putting tzedakah in JNF boxes that displayed maps of Israel without the green line. It should come as no surprise, then, that when I physically planted a tree with JNF during my USY trip to Israel, I had no idea that I might be over the green line or, if I was, why that would be problematic. I also didn’t know about JNF’s history of displacing Bedouins and Palestinians. The pain I felt upon realizing the implications of my group’s participation in JNF’s projects was not new: I get this feeling whenever I witness my community erase the green line, Palestinians, and military occupation. It’s time for organizations like USY to reconsider partnerships with JNF and to include Palestinian narratives in their education. If not now, when?" -USY alumna

USYSophie Trauberman