i honestly felt ashamed and manipulated

"I attended Jewish Day school until 9th grade and Israel's history was taught and re-taught every year. Starting in elementary school I could name the dates of each war and the territory won--Israel's military victories were drilled into us through history books, conversations with IDF soldiers, or climbing on old military tanks on our 8th grade trip to Israel. When I started public school in 9th grade, I remember sitting in my African-Asian Studies class when my teacher, who was Jewish, started a unit on Israel and Palestine. He mentioned "Palestinian refugees" and I was shocked. I had never heard those two words put together. That's when I realized my Jewish Day school education had failed me in a real way. That was also the first time I felt I was able to put together an objective and inclusive version of the land's history. I honestly felt ashamed and manipulated by a school I had loved and trusted." -Molly Weilbacher, Solomon Schechter