my education stopped there

"Through my years at Tamarack Camps, I met amazing people and was able to experience nature and Judaism in a way that I never had before. For the first time I met kind and friendly Israeli Jews who I became close with. We celebrated Israel day every session as we painted Israeli flags on our faces and ate traditional food. Yet, my education stopped there. The Conservative temple I belonged to similarly celebrated Israel without much nuance or further education. I grew to view Israel as a country that belonged to me, that was perfect, and flowing with milk and honey for all Jews. I went on Birthright where I was further inundated with this message.

Then my brother converted to Islam. My Conservative family members seemed appalled and shocked. I was confused. Why did they care? I was ignorant. During college I took a Arab-Jewish dialogue course where I first heard about the horrors of the occupation-from Palestinians themselves. I started thinking about the islamophobia that's connected to the de-legitimization of Palestinian existence and human rights. I was upset with my Jewish community for their neglect to mention these people, their hurt and sorrow - our responsibility. #YouNeverToldMe" -Lisa Tencer, Tamarack Camps

JCCSophie Trauberman