i have been called a self-hating jew

"Israel was always put on a pedestal as the ultimate model of a nation of peace, and justice; a home for all Jews from around the world to find freedom and community. Imagine the shock I felt to learn that this was propaganda that only honored one side of the story, and was held up by injustice and taking away the freedom of others. This contradiction is the antithesis of our Jewish values, and was called out as such by many of the early Zionists whose voices and stories have been pushed out of the dominant narrative. I have been called a self-hating Jew for even bringing up the inherent contradictions in modern Israeli policy. Who have we become as a people, and how can we continue to teach our children a one-sided, biased view of our people's history? It is unfathomable to me that my children are now being taught the same biased stories at our URJ and JCC programs. We need to learn from our history just as much as anyone else to heal from past and present wrongs, and cannot expect that stereotypes and bias against us will magically disappear while we perpetuate hatred and disrespect for others." -Nicole, NFTY, URJ, Jewish Federation & JCC