how can we question God but not the conflict?

"I was incredibly active in Jewish life, especially in high school and college. I was on NFTY regional board for two years, went to and taught at Jewish camps growing up, was President of my Hillel and on board for two years, went on Birthright. We speak of social justice and make it clear that it was a necessary aspect to Judaism and Jewish life. Yet no synagogue, Jewish camp, NFTY event, Kutz, etc. ever gave the full story. I grew up with it in my ears and my life and was taught it was something I should stand behind no matter what, but never taught us of the conflict or Palestinian life. I was taught to always question the Torah and it's teachings and question God. How can we question God but not the conflict? How can we teach social justice as necessary but not give Jews (children and adults) information and the full story? I'm ashamed for having been brought up without these facts. Children and adolescents should grow up and have the opportunity to learn and question these things. Especially this. Learning about Israel in its entirety, Palestinian livelihood, and questioning the Occupation does not make us less Jewish but enhances it. Our community needs to do better and further our Judaism, which includes teaching about the Occupation." -NFTY, JCC, URJ, Jewish Federation alumn