the facilitators and staff said nothing

"I remember going to Israel with my graduating class about seven years ago... I was still trying to make sense of my Jewish identity, especially after visiting Poland a few weeks before. I had always been a little wary of Zionism and was excited to visit an Arab-Israeli school with my classmates to hear a young Arabic teacher speak about her experiences. Rather than take the chance to learn and grow, my classmates took this as an opportunity to ask loaded question after loaded question, seeking to trip her up and make her look like a fool. On the bus ride back they spent the whole trip mocking her accent, her demeanor, her unwillingness to engage with the Israeli news media as it was too painful. The whole while the facilitators and staff said nothing, silently justifying their behavior and attitudes. All the while throughout the trip talking about the importance of not being bystanders to cruelty or injustice, especially within the context of the Shoah! The need to stand up, except perhaps when the people being wronged are Palestinians... " -Schechter alumn