there was no context

"I was staff at a URJ summer camp during 'Operation Protective Edge,' in the summer of 2014. When the conflict started the camp put out an announcement to campers stating that Hamas had kidnapped Israeli teenagers, in addition to the fact that they were firing rockets into Israel daily. The camp administration did not give any details into motives, aggression from the Israeli government or even why the attacks had started. Instead they lead campers to make supportive messages for Israeli soldiers on a large banner that read, 'We stand with Israel.' There was no context, no mention of the occupation, and no reasoning given to campers who had no access to media coverage. I was staff for 15 year old campers who were old enough to have their own interpretation on the conflict through exploring different resources. Without access to these resources, the camp administration was able to control the flow of information and only feed campers one myopic viewpoint. This included using them for props in a propaganda photo in which the campers were not even aware of the context. I took it upon myself to print off news articles from unbiased sources on the conflict and allowed my campers to form their own unique view-points on the matter." -Isaac Berman, URJ Camp George, NFTY-NEL

URJ, NFTYSophie Trauberman