too afraid to be honest

"When I was in 8th Grade, we were taken to the City of David. We were told that this city was proof that Jerusalem had always been and would always be ours (not theirs). We weren't told that we were in a settlement. The word Nakba is a punchline to you. When I say the State of Palestine, you ask, as if it's a joke, as though you don't know what I mean, "what's that?" When I say I believe in peace you laugh, tell me it'll never happen because they won't do it. You tell us that we should join the IDF, bring in speakers to tell us how amazing it is to be a part of the Occupation. You tell us that the IDF is moral, that bombing homes is okay just as long as they could be terrorists. You tell us that just raising a flag in a gesture of welcome is wrong, because it's their flag. You never tell us the other side of the story.

I am too afraid to be honest about what I believe at school."

-Solomon Schechter, Ramah Berkshires