young jews deserve the truth

"I attended a trip to Israel in 2005 for a group of 100 teens from the Bay Area through the Jewish Federation. In many ways the trip was wonderful and informative and I am grateful for the friends I made there. But the trip did not educate us about Israel-Palestine history or the complexities of the ongoing occupation. This was problematic and sent me home with a feeling of confusion and not knowing how to process things. This led me to a period of silence on Israel-Palestine for years, and it wasn't until I found IfNotNow that I felt comfortable returning to the topic. I wish I had learned about the Occupation earlier because I now have so much catching up to do. I am angry at my community’s institutions for robbing me of that time, and angry at myself for staying silent. I think that organizations like the Jewish Federation often choose not to expose their participants to this topic because it makes things so much more complex than, “I love Israel!” But young Jews deserve the truth, and they deserve to make moral choices for themselves." -Eva Orbuch, Camp Tawonga, BBYO, Letsgoisrael! trip through the Jewish Federation